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Hotels.com™ Mobile Travel Tracker
  • US – Americans prefer their mobile to their loved one

The Hotels.com® Mobile Travel Tracker reveals that the mobile phone is our number one travel accessory. We also like to book our hotel rooms in secret, are more spontaneous than ever and place pricing as a lower priority.

Almost a third of people admit that they book more trips than ever thanks to mobile, so as smartphones continue to get smarter, it’s no surprise that 42% of people regularly book their hotel stays on a mobile device, with this number rising to 49% for 30 – 39 year olds. Business trips (29%), short breaks at home (30%) and short breaks abroad (30%) are the main occasions bookings are made on mobile.

Highlights from the Hotels.com Travel Tracker include:

  • Secret Bookers – From the bedroom to the bathroom – Booking a hotel room is more of a solo effort with travelers reserving their hotel room from the comfort of their own bed, or even a bathroom. 27% admit to booking a hotel room while preparing to catch some Zzzs with their partner next to them and 10% even confessed to booking a hotel while sitting on the toilet! In the U.S., females seem to be able to better multi-task as a higher percentage book hotels while searching on other devices.
  • Payment method beats price – When booking a hotel on mobile, the right payment method and offering genuine guest reviews are more important than pricing. With 15 different payment methods, Hotels.com is sure to please the 54% of travelers that find this important.
  • Spontaneous Stayers – More than 45% of Americans say their smartphone makes them more spontaneous when traveling. 42% of people globally have made a same day hotel booking but U.S. travelers beat the global average by more than 10%, as 53% of them have booked a hotel on the day of staying. Over a fifth of American holidaymakers book less than a week before travel and globally a super spontaneous 14% of us have really left booking a hotel to the last minute and by booking in the airport lounge prior to departure.
  • Mobile Travel of the Future – Almost 40% of Americans mentioned in future they would love to leave an instant hotel review and use their mobile to also book a restaurant or taxi while traveling. 44% of U.S. travelers said they would be happy using mobile at a self-check-in kiosk at a hotel. 
  • How do Americans use their mobile whilst travelling? – Mobile is so important to our everyday lives but it’s equally as important when we travel. 

The top 5 usages of mobile for Americans whilst travelling are:

  1. Comparing deals (53%)
  2. Using maps to get around (51%)
  3. Checking weather (46%)
  4. Taking pictures (45%)
  5. Accessing Social Media (44%)

For more information and insights on US travellers from the Hotels.com Mobile Travel Tracker, please contact Taylor Cole, Head of Public Relations North America for Hotels.com brand on taycole@hotels.com