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Hotels.com™ Mobile Travel Tracker
  • Hotels.com™ Mobile Travel Tracker around the world

The Hotels.com™ Mobile Travel Tracker uncovers the true impact mobiles are having on our booking and travel behaviours. It reveals that as mobile usage continues to grow and smartphones keep getting smarter, they’re shaping our travel mind-sets more than ever before, with almost a third of people admitting they book more trips than ever thanks to mobile.

The Hotels.com Mobile Travel Tracker is a global study of 9,200 travellers across 31 countries and below you will find some key highlights on topics such as; influencing booking factors, last minute booking behaviour, the unusual situations we book hotels in and much more. For more country-specific findings, please check out the relevant posts on the homepage.

  • 42% of people globally have booked a hotel on mobile, with this number rising to 53% for the under 30s.
  • 76% of travellers named the mobile device their number one travel accessory, with twice as many people choosing to travel with it than their loved ones!
  • All we think about in bed is our next holiday, as over a quarter of people admit to booking a hotel whilst between the sheets
  •  42% of people have made a same day hotel booking thanks to mobile, with 14% even booking their hotel in the airport departure lounge
  • The price isn’t always right as the right payment method and customer reviews are more important than price according to travellers.

Travel Trends from 2015

Today’s modern traveller makes four trips a year and on average stays in a hotel 13 nights of the year. Although for some, the hotel becomes their home for a month, as almost 1 in 10 spend more than 31 days a year in a hotel room.

Business trips (29%), short breaks at home (30%) and short breaks abroad (30%) are the main occasions people book on mobile. Over a quarter of travellers (27%) are multi-tasking mobile users, as they have booked a hotel whilst also searching on multiple devices.

Secret Bookers – From the bedroom to the boardroom to the bathroom 

Gone are the days of booking your trip sat in a travel agents surrounded by people, because nowadays hotel bookings are sometimes a more secretive affair, with travellers reserving their hotel rooms everywhere from the bedroom, to the boardroom and even in the bathroom.

27% of people say they have booked a hotel whilst in bed with their partner – this is the most popular situation for booking a hotel. Almost a quarter of people also admitted to booking a hotel in the office when they were supposed to be working and 10% even confessed to booking a hotel whilst sitting on the toilet!

Payment method beats price

For today’s savvy traveller, it is no longer simply a case of the price is always right. In fact having the right payment method and offering genuine guest reviews are more important factors that influence their decision when booking a hotel on mobile.

14% of travellers say having a loyalty program, like Hotels.com™ Rewards, influences their decision when booking on mobile and 17% of people say having a coupon code also impacts whether they make a booking.

Last Minute Bookings – Spontaneous Stayers 

Travel booking behaviour seems to becoming more last minute, as the study found 42% of people have made a same day hotel booking. Over a fifth of holidaymakers book less than a week before travel and a super spontaneous 14% of us have really left booking a hotel to the last minute and actually booked in the airport lounge before departure. That spontaneity continues whilst away, as more than 50% of people say their smartphone makes them more spontaneous when travelling.

Mobile usage whilst travelling

Mobile is so important to our everyday lives but it’s equally as important when we travel, as 47% of people say their mobile device is their primary information source for finding interesting spots, events and restaurants whilst away.

In fact only 13% seem to switch off and don’t use the internet at all whilst travelling, so it’s no surprise that because being connected is so important, 28% of people say they only select a hotel if it offers free WiFi.

It seems that what we get up to on our mobile whilst travelling is all about searching. Whether that’s searching out how to get from A to B by using maps to get around (46%), searching online to compare deals (45%) or searching to book a hotel (42%).

From mobile maps to mobile apps, the most popular apps for holidaymakers are social media apps (60%), mapping apps (45%) and then messaging and travel apps (both 44%). For a cheeky few, being away doesn’t take them away from the dating game, as more than 1 in 10 people have admitted to using dating apps whilst travelling.

Mobile Travel of the Future

The Hotels.com Mobile Travel Tracker also looked at what activities travellers would be prepared to do in the future on their mobile devices whilst travelling. The most popular future usage was leaving an instant hotel review (40%), 35% of people then said they would like to use their mobile to book a restaurant or taxi whilst travelling and a third of people said they would be happy using their mobile at a self check-in kiosk at a hotel.

Travellers also said they would like to have a more two-way conversation with hotels via mobile during their stay. 31% would happily instant message a hotel, 30% would order room service on mobile and 32% would welcome push notifications with destination information from the hotel.

Dan Craig, Senior Director of Mobile at Hotels.com brand said: “We pride ourselves on the booking experience we offer today’s modern traveller through our mobile app. As one of the market leaders in the mobile space, we’re constantly innovating and adding new features to make our app more personal and improve both hotel shopping and the customer experience. We see a growing number of transactions coming from mobile, so it’s fantastic to see that travellers anticipating new mobile technology features. It’s also great to see that booking a hotel on mobile is so easy, that 10% of people do it whilst sitting on the toilet!”

*9,200 adults from 31 countries were polled by One Poll, commissioned by Hotels.com in May 2016

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