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Hotels.com™ Mobile Travel Tracker
  • Canada – Revolutionizing Canadian travel habits

Canadians are now booking hotels in secret, becoming more spontaneous, staying connected with friends and placing less emphasis on price, according to the Hotels.com™ Mobile Travel Tracker

Almost a third of people admit that they book more trips than ever thanks to mobile, so as smartphones continue to get smarter, it’s no surprise that nearly a third (30 per cent) of Canadians regularly book their hotel stays on a mobile device, with this number rising to 42 per cent for those aged 30 – 40, according to the survey. Short breaks at home (19 per cent), short breaks abroad (16 per cent) and business trips (16 per cent) are the main occasions Canadians make their hotel reservations on mobile.

Mobile No.1 – A mobile phone is the number one travel accessory, with more Canadians preferring to travel with their device than their loved one. In fact, two-thirds of Canadians say their mobile phone is their favourite travel accessory.

We’re booking our hotels from everywhere – Nowadays hotel bookings are sometimes a more secretive affair, with travellers reserving their hotel room from their bedroom and their bathroom. Seventeen per cent of Canadians say they have booked a hotel while in bed with their partner. Eleven per cent of people also admitted to booking a hotel in the office when they were supposed to be working and nine per cent even confessed to booking a hotel while sitting on the toilet!

How we pay is more important than how much we pay – It is no longer simply a case of the price is always right. Having the right payment method and offering genuine guest reviews are more important factors when Canadians book a hotel on mobile.

Top five influencing factors for Canadians to book travel on mobile:

  1. Payment method is right for me – 45 per cent
  2. Price is best value – 42 per cent
  3. Genuine guest reviews – 40 per cent
  4. There is relevant and detailed info on hotel – 37 per cent
  5. Lots of hotel photos – 37 per cent

Mobile technology lets travellers be spontaneous – More than a third of Canadians (37 per cent) say their smartphone makes them more spontaneous when travelling and in fact 37 per cent of people have made a same-day hotel booking and over a fifth of holidaymakers book less than a week before travel. A super spontaneous nine per cent of Canadians have really left booking a hotel to the last minute and actually booked in the airport lounge before departure.

Travellers want to do more with their phones – Canadians would be prepared to do all sorts with their mobile device in the future while travelling. The most popular future usage for a quarter of people was to use their mobiles as an identification tool, to open hotel doors electronically and to check-in at self-serve kiosks at hotels.

More mobile usage facts about Canadian travellers:

  • Staying social – Nearly 70 per cent of Canadians spend at least two hours a day connecting on social media while travelling
  • The biggest use for mobile devices while travelling is as a camera with 42 per cent of Canadians using their phones to take photos.
  • The mobile apps Canadians use most while travelling are dedicated social media apps with 53 per cent of us using them while on the road.
  • Sixty-nine per cent of Canadians spend 1-to-2 hours per day on social media while travelling.

For more information and insights on Canadian travellers from the Hotels.com Mobile Travel Tracker, please contact Emily Zazado, Canada Public Relations for Hotels.com brand on emzazado@hotels.com